NCC Clearing Members and Holders

Name INN
Name of organization
Securities Market and Deposit Market (category)
FX Market and Precious Metals Market (category)
Derivatives Market
Standardized Derivatives Market
Mosenex Natural Gas & Oil products Market
Namex Grain Market
EUROCLEAR BANK  9909240461              Yes 
VTB Capital plc  0000000055        Yes       
Joint - stock company AVTOVAZBANK  6320006108             
Commercial Bank "AGORA" LLC  7725068827             
Joint-Stock Commercial bank "Agropromcredit"  5026014060           
Joint-stock company "The Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending"  7729355614    Yes  Yes       
Public Joint Stock Company "ALROSA"  1433000147           
Joint-Stock Company Investment company "AK BARS Finance"  7706537061  Yes         
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "AK BARS" (Public Joint-Stock Company)  1653001805  Yes        Yes 
Joint Stock Commercial Mortgage Bank "AKIBANK" (Public Joint Stock Company)  1650002455           
Public Joint-Stock Company Bank "ALEKSANDROVSKY"  7831000080           
"ALOR INVEST Ltd"  7706028226    Yes        Yes 
Commercial Bank "ARESBANK", Ltd.  7718104217           
Joint Stock Company "Savings Bank "Belarusbank"  0000000013             
JOINT STOCK BANK "ASPECT"  7716081564           
Ability Capital (Limited Liability Company)  5406755146           
Commercial bank "Absolut Bank" (PAO)  7736046991  Yes         
"ABSOLUT INVEST"  7709050780             
"AVANGARD" Joint Stock BANK  7702021163           
Limited liability company Bank "Avers"  1653003601    Yes       
"Autotorgbank" Limited Company  7727038017           
Joint-stock company "Bank "Agroros"  6453033870             
Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank "Agrosoyuz"  5610000466           
"Asian - Pacific Bank" (Public joint stock company)  2801023444  Yes        Yes 
Commercial bank "Asia-Invest Bank" ( joint - stock company)  7724187003             
Joint Stock Company "AsiaCredit Bank (АзияКредит Банк)"  0000000021             
JSC "Investment Company ITinvest"  7717116241  Yes      Yes  Yes 
Bank ICBC (joint stock company)  7750004217           
ICBC STANDARD BANK PLC  0000000024             
commercial bank "ACROPOL" joint-stock company  7750004168             
AXIOM Limited  7717054595             
Public joint-stock company "ActiveCapital Bank"  6318109040             
Public Joint-Stock company commercial bank "Accent"  5613000182             
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Accept "  5405114781           
Alef-Bank  7710050376           
Joint Stock Company "Alma Bank"  7713073043           
Joint-Stock Bank "Almazergienbank"  1435138944           
"ALOR Plus Corporation"  7709221010  Yes        Yes 
Aljba Alliance Commercial Bank Ltd.  7704018984  Yes        Yes 
Alpari-Broker Limited liability company  1655164523             
Joint Stock Company "ALFA-BANK"  7728168971  Yes        Yes 
AlfaStrakhovanie - Life Limited Liability Company  7715228310           
"AlfaStrakhovanie" PLC  7713056834           
Limited liability company Ankor Invest  7717662120          Yes 
"ARMBUSINESSBANK" Close Joint Stock Company  0000000053             
Commercial bank "ARSENAL" (limited liability company)  7725061268             
Joint – Stock Company Commercial Bank "Assotsiatsiya"  5253004326             
Limited Liability Company "ATON"  7702015515  Yes        Yes 
Public Joint-Stock Company "SEVERGAZBANK"  3525023780          Yes 
Limited Liability Company BASF Industrial Metals  7705684200      Yes         
Joint Stock Company BBR Bank  3900001002             
Joint Stock Company "BANK BEREIT"  4704470120             
joint-stock company "BCS - Investment Bank"  5460000016  Yes         
Corporate Finance Bank LLC  7704111969  Yes        Yes 
BM-Bank Joint-Stock Company  7702000406           
"BNP PARIBAS Bank" Joint stock company  7744002405           
BPS-Sberbank  0000000017             
Commercial Bank "Trade Finance bank" (Joint Stock Company)  9710028021      Yes       
Commercial Bank "BOOM-BANK" (limited liability company)  0711007268             
Subsidiary organisation of JSC "Bank CenterCredit" Limited liability Company "Bank BCC-Moscow"  7750004263           
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "BANK OF CHINA (RUSSIA)"  7706027060             
"BaikalInvestBank" Joint Stock Company  3801002781             
Public Joint - stock Company Baltiyskiy Bank  7834002576           
Joint Stock Company "Baltic Financial Agency"  7810726001  Yes        Yes 
Public Joint Stock company "Baltic Investment Bank"  7831001415          Yes 
Joint-stock company "Bank Voronezh"  3666007928           
Limited liability company the Commercial Bank of economic development "The Bank of Kazan"  1653018661    Yes       
Indusry development and modernization bank (Public Joint-Stock Company)  7722022528           
Limited liability company Modern Commercial Innovative Bank  4003011294           
Savings and Loan Services Bank, Limited Liability Company  7750005845           
"Bank "Saint-Petersburg" Public Joint-Stock Company  7831000027  Yes  Yes       
Open Joint Stock Company "Bank Eskhata"  0000000056             
Bank for Innovation and Development  7718098813           
Joint Stock Company Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Eurasia)  7750004030             
Bankhaus Erbe AG  7744000888             
Public joint-stock company BASHCOMSNABBANK  0274051857             
Joint Stock Company "Belagroprombank"  0000000025             
Joint-stock Company Universal commercial bank of social development & reconstruction "BELGORODSOCBANK"  3123004233             
Public Joint Stock Company "Best Efforts Bank"  7831000034  Yes        Yes 
Joint–stoсk company "Business-Service-Trust"  4218004258             
Joint Stock Company "Bitza - Invest"  7727034333             
Bratsky Narodny Bank JSC  3803202031             
Joint Stock Company "Brokerage Firm "UNITY TRUST"  6454014608    Yes         
Public Joint-stock Company "BystroBank"  1831002591      Yes       
Bank of America, National Association  0000000054             
Commercial Joint-stock Company Bank "VVB"  7604014087             
"IC VELES Capital" LLC  7709303960  Yes        Yes 
"VNESHFINBANK" Limited Company  0541016015             
Joint Stock Company Volga-Oka commercial bank  5260003429             
VTB Bank (public joint-stock company)  7702070139  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Bank VTB 24 (public joint-stock company)  7710353606  Yes        Yes 
Joint-stock company VTB Capital  7703585780    Yes         
Limited liability company VTB Capital Broker  7702668793  Yes         
Limited liability company "WHITESTONE CAPITAL"  5407953905             
VIPINVEST, Ltd.  7713328284             
Bank VENETS  7303024532             
Investment Bank VESTA (Limited Liability Company)  6027006032  Yes         
"Vivait Investment Company", Ltd.  5902226118             
Commercial Bank "Viking" Stoсk Company  7831000098             
"Vitabank" PJSC  7831000147  Yes         
"VITUS INVESTMENT COMPANY"  5906001605          Yes 
State corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)"  7750004150  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Vozrozhdenie Bank  5000001042           
Volga-Caspian Joint-Stock Bank (joint-stock company)  3015011755           
Joint-Stock Company "Bank "Vologzhanin"  3525030681             
IC Vostok-invest Ltd  6367002370          Yes 
ORIENT EXPRESS BANK  2801015394           
Joint Stock Company "Russian regional development bank"  7736153344  Yes  Yes       
Joint Stock Company "GENBANK"  7750005820           
COMMERCIAL BANK "GLOBUS"  7725038220           
GLOBEX Commercial Bank, Joint Stock Company  7744001433           
"GPB Capital" Ltd.  7722557072             
JOINT STOCK COMPANY "GUTA-BANK"  6905011218    Yes       
Joint-stock Company Commercial bank "GAZBANK"  6314006156           
  6314012819    Yes        Yes 
GAZNEFTBANK  6453031840             
Limited Liability Company "Gazprom investholding"  5003029649             
Public Joint Stock Company Gazprom Neft  5504036333             
"Gazprombank" (Joint - stock Company)  7744001497  Yes  Yes      Yes 
"Investment company "Gazfintrast" Jsc.  7713012890            Yes 
The Kaluga Gas and Energy Joint-Stock Bank "Gazenergobank" (Open Joint-Stock Company)  4026006420             
Limited Liability Company "Specialized Depository Company "Garant"  7714184726              Yes 
GARANT-INVEST BANK Joint Stock  7723168657           
Joint-stock Company "Garant-M"  7721046036           
Limited Liability Company "Investment company "Gelius Capital"  7707583536  Yes        Yes 
Commercial bank "Geobank" (limited liability company)  1102008681             
CJSC Investment company "Geofinance"  7708665238             
OOO Goldman Sachs  7710619750    Yes         
OOO Goldman Sachs Bank  7750005387           
"Horizon-broker" OOO  7702644658           
Gofmakler, limited  2129013377             
"Grand Invest Bank" Joint-Stock Company  7750004312           
"Grandis Capital Investment Company", Ltd.  7723623472             
Limited Liability Company "Specialized Depository Company "Granit"  7703747769              Yes 
ZAO IFK DVM-INVEST  7718112024  Yes        Yes 
Concern General Invest Limited Liability Company  7715750741  Yes  Yes       
Joint-stock company Municipal commercial bank "DOM-BANK"  5009018805             
Limited Liability Company Moscow Investment Bank "DALENA"  7720069320           
Far Eastern Bank  2540016961           
Danske Bank  2901081545             
Joint Stock Bank "Devon-Credit" (Public Joint Stock Company)  1644004905           
OOO Financing company Delovay iniciativa  7705929073          Yes 
Joint-Stock Company "Denizbank Moscow"  7705205000           
Central Depository of Armenia Open Joint Stock Company                Yes 
Limited liability company "Depositafy and corporate technologies"  7729520219              Yes 
Public Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "DERZHAVA"  7729003482  Yes         
Commercial Bank "J.P. Morgan Bank International" (Limited Liability Company)  7710014949           
J&T Bank,a.o.  7713001271  Yes         
Limited Liability Company "Deutsche Bank"  7702216772          Yes 
JSB "Dolinsk"  6500001204             
Public Joint-Stock Company "Donkhlebbank"  6164026390           
Investment company DOHOD, Joint-stock corporation  7813067004  Yes         
Commercial Bank "EUROPEAN STANDART" (limited liability company)  0725991479             
Public Joint Stock Company Eurasian bank  7536002161           
Eurasian Development Bank  9909220306    Yes         
Evrofinance Mosnarbank  7703115760  Yes        Yes 
Joint stock company "INVESTMENT COMPANY "EUROFINANSY"  7701008530          Yes 
Joint-stock Investment Commercial Bank "Eniseisk United Bank"  2447002227             
Joint Stock Company "Housing Finance Bank"  7709056550           
COMMERCIAL BANK ZHILCREDIT LLC  7709049263             
Closed joint-stock company VTB Specialized Depository  7705110090              Yes 
Joint stock West Siberian commercial bank  7202021856           
Ziraat Bank (Moscow) (Joint Stock Company)  7708050033             
Bank Zarechye (Joint Stock Company)  1653016664             
Joint Stock Company "Sauber Bank"  0900000042             
Limited Liability Company "Zemsky bank"  6325065114             
Bank ZENIT (Public Joint Stock Company)  7729405872  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Joint-Stock Company "Zlatkombank"  7404005261             
Joint Stock Company "Investment Cooperative Bank"  1653005038             
ING BANK (EURASIA) JOINT STOCK COMPANY  7712014310    Yes      Yes 
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "INKAROBANK"  7710144056           
INFINITUM Asset Services  7705380065              Yes 
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "IRS"  7713073082             
Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank "Industrial Savings Bank"  7744001673           
Joint stock company "IT Bank"  5503008333           
BANK "ITURUP" Limited Liability company  6501021443             
Joint Stock Company ISBANK  7706195570           
Inbank, Ltd.  5617000264           
Investicionnaya Palata Limited Liability Company  3666007300             
Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank "INVESTSOTSBANK"  7710033910             
"Ingosstrakh Insurance Company"  7705042179           
FINRISE  1901021632  Yes         
Banca Intesa  7708022300           
"INTERPROGRESSBANK" (Joint-stock company)  7724096412  Yes  Yes       
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Interprombank"  7704132246           
"INTRAST Financial Company Ltd."  7709454053    Yes        Yes 
KIT Finance (Public joint-stock company)  7840060671  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Investment company CEIN  7709341476           
KOLTSO URALA KB ОOO  6608001425           
"COMMERZBANK (EURASIJA)" akzionernoje obschtschestwo  7710295979           
"Credit Europe Bank Ltd."  7705148464           
Joint Stock Company "Bank Credit Suisse (Moscow)"  7703122887  Yes  Yes      Yes 
"Credit Ural Bank" Joint Stock Company  7414006722           
KEB HNB RUS LLC  7750005901             
KAMCHATSKY COMMERCIAL AGROPROMBANK Public Joint Stock Company  4101019774           
Joint - Stock Bank "Capital"  8603001619           
QIWI Bank (joint-stock company)  3123011520             
BrokerCreditService Ltd.  5406121446  Yes      Yes  Yes 
Joint-Stock Company KOSHELEV-BANK  5260059340           
Public Joint-Stock Company "Krasnodar regional investment bank"  2309074812  Yes         
"Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank" Joint Stock Company  7831000612           
Limited Liability Company "Credit Suisse Securities (Moscow)"  7705183980             
Limited liability company Commecial Bank "Kredit Express"  6165032005             
"Commercial Bank KREMLYOVSKIY" LTD  7706006720             
Joint stock company "Crosna-Bank"  7703002999           
Commercial Bank "Kuban Credit" Limited Liability Company  2312016641           
Kuznetskbusinessbank (joint-stock company)  4216004076           
Bank "Kuznetsky Most" Joint Stock Company  7750004094           
LLC IC QBF  7733673955             
Limited Liability Company Innovative and Commercial Bank "LOGOS"  7707063826             
IC "LOCKO-Invest"  7722691889             
Commercial Bank "LIGHT"  7710046757             
Joint stock Company commercial bank "Lanta-Bank"  7705260427           
Novosibirsk Social Commercial Bank "Levoberezhny" (public joint-stock company)  5404154492  Yes        Yes 
LMS Investment Company  7806027770            Yes 
JSC Libra Capital Investment Company  4823007256             
Closed Join-Stock Company "Investment company "Leader"  7726661740             
Limited Liability Company FC Line of Investments  7718581509             
Joint stock company "LOCKO-Bank"  7750003943           
"The Bank "IBA-MOSCOW" Limited liability company  7744001828             
International bank of St-Petersburg (Joint-stock company)  7831000210  Yes         
International Bank for Economic Cooperation  9909152102             
"International commercial bank"  2465029704             
Limited Liability Company Investment Company "MMK-Finance"  7446045354            Yes 
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Moscow Neftechemical Bank"  7744000990           
MARITIME JOINT-STOCK BANK (Joint-Stock Company)  7714060199  Yes         
Regional Joint-stock commercial bank "Moskva"  7714038860           
Public Joint Stock Company "Commercial Bank of Moscow"  7727065444             
Public joint stock company MOSCOVSKIY OBLASTNOI BANK  7750005588             
Joint-stock company "Moscow-Paris bank"  7744000327             
Joint-stock company MC Bank Rus  7744001105             
Mobile TeleSystems Public Joint Stock Company  7740000076           
Public Joint-Stock Company "MTS Bank"  7702045051           
MFUND Asset Management, Ltd.  7744000380           
Commercial bank "Megapolice", Ltd  2126003130             
INTERSTATE BANK  9909400764             
Commercial Bank "International Fund Bank" Limited Liability Company  7729109369  Yes         
International Accounting Bank  7705011011             
Limited Liability Company "Interregional Depository Company"  7702617527              Yes 
Limited Liability Company "Interregional Specialized Depozitary"  5407257111              Yes 
Отсутствуют  7719112669             
OOO Merrill Lynch Securities  7703622255    Yes         
Commercial bank Metallurg LTD  7703010220           
"METROPOL" Investment Financial Company Ltd."  7704036711    Yes         
AO Mizuho Bank (Moscow)  7705256396             
"Milkom-Invest" Ltd company  7449012678              Yes 
OOO Morgan Stanley Bank  7750003929  Yes         
Limited Liability Company "Moscow City Securities"  7703227939  Yes         
Joint Stock Bank "Moscow Bill Bank"  7717005245             
JSCB "Moscow Industrial bank" PC  7725039953           
CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (public joint-stock company)  7734202860           
Bank Joint Stock Company "Moscow Mortgage Agency"  7703247043             
Commercial Bank "Moskommertsbank" (Joint-Stock Company)  7750005612  Yes         
Moskovsko-Uralskiy joint-stock commercial bank (joint-stock company)  7707083011             
Limited liability company Investment company MultiBotSystems  7701733190    Yes         
"MURMANSK TRANSFER CENTER"  5190103184             
"NATIONAL LAND INDUSTRIAL BANK"  2204001461             
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Nash Dom"  7703122164             
Public Joint Stock Company NBD-Bank  5200000222           
Joint Stock Company "NBK-Bank"  7451057605           
BANK "NEYVA" Limited liability company  6629001024           
NK Bank (joint stock company)  7734205131           
The National Custodial Company, Stock Corporation  7707592234              Yes 
Public Joint Stock Company "Novorossyisk Grain Plant"  2315014748            Yes   
Novolipetsk Steel  4823006703           
"NEW MOSCOW BANK"  7703008207             
Commercial bank "NEW TIME" (Limited liability company)  7750005411      Yes       
Novokuznetsk commercial innovation bank limited  4216002921             
National Settlement Depository  7702165310             
Limited Liability Company "NRC Stock Market"  7731633869              Yes 
NS Bank  7744001024    Yes       
Joint-Stock Company "NSD"  7715159793              Yes 
Joint-Stock Company "NFK-Savings Investment"  2130190797  Yes         
"NETTRADER Limited Liability Company"  7705224891            Yes 
Joint-stock company "Public bank"  0901000990             
Joint Stock Company "Public Trust Bank"  7708018456           
Joint Stock Company Natixis Bank  7744001810  Yes         
"National Investment Industrial Bank" (Joint Stock Company)  7744001144          Yes 
JSC "National Investment Company"  7707325278           
National Bank of the Republic of Belarus  0000000015             
National bank of Tajikistan  0000000012             
Joint-stock commercial bank "National Reserve Bank" joint-stock company  7703211512  Yes         
National Standard Bank (Joint-stock Company)  7750056688           
Public joint stock company "Nevsky narodny bank"  7835905108             
Joint Stock Oil-Industrial Investment Commercial Bank  7701020946           
Joint Stock "NovahovCapitalBank" (Close Company)  7319000865             
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "NOVIKOMBANK"  7706196340  Yes  Yes       
Public Joint Stock Company Universal Commercial Bank of Novgorod Novobank  5321029402             
Commercial Bank "Novopokrovsky", Limited Liability Company  2344012343             
Joint-stock Commercial Bank "New Credit Union" (joint-stock company)  7711070030           
New Symbol Bank  7734028813           
"New Century Bank" Limited  7744002652             
Public Joint-Stock Company "Norvik Bank"  4346001485             
Limited liability company Nord-Capital  7714515544  Yes        Yes 
Joint Stock Company Nordea Bank  7744000398           
Commercial Bank "Necklace-Bank", Ltd.  7707040963           
"OLMA" Investment Firm  7711056412  Yes        Yes 
Joint-stock company "United Reserve Bank"  6454002730           
Joint-stock company commercial bank "ORENBURG"  5612031491             
Joint Stock Company "United specialized depositary"  7723811155              Yes 
Limited liability company "OTKRITIE Trading"  7731532846             
Joint Stock Company "OTP Bank"  7708001614  Yes  Yes       
Public joint-stock company United financial capital Bank  7744001419  Yes         
"OEMKINVEST Ltd"  3128022853             
Joint-Stock Company Bank "United capital"  7831001013           
Public joint stock company "United Credit Bank"  5249046404  Yes         
Joint-stock company "Oktan-Broker"  5501047418    Yes         
Limited liability company Bank Orange  3803202000           
Otkritie Broker Joint Stock Company  7710170659  Yes        Yes 
Public Joint-Stock Company "Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation"  7706092528  Yes  Yes      Yes 
B&N Bank (Public Joint-Stock Company)  5408117935  Yes  Yes       
Publik Joint-Stock Company "METKOMBANK"  6612010782           
Bank of industrial and investment settlements, Limited Liability Company  7708031739             
Commercial Bank "PLATINA" LTD  7705012216             
IC PLATFORM  7705485910             
Limited Liability Company "PRODIMEX"  7730710905            Yes   
"Petersburg social commercial bank" joint-stock company  7831000965           
Public Joint-stock company Commercial Bank "Industrial Financial Cooperation"  7744002187           
Perviy Clientskiy Bank (Limited Liability Company)  7744003039  Yes        Yes 
  7710198911              Yes 
Perm Stock Company  5902211182             
Investizionnaya kompaniya Perspektiva Plus  6317102612             
Closed joint-stock company "Investment and Financial Company "Piligrim"  1655020909             
Joint-stock company "Piter Trust Investment Company"  7842350721  Yes         
Credit Union "Payment Center" (Limited Liability Company)  2225031594             
Public Joint-Stock Company "Plus Bank"  5503016736           
Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank "Poidem!"  5401122100             
OOO IK Prime Broker  7704603343             
Limited Liability Company "Investment Company "Prime Capital"  7701334244  Yes         
Bank "Prime Finance" Public Limited Company  7831001158             
commercial bank PREODOLENIE (limited liability company)  7701051006           
public joint-stock commercial bank "Primorye"  2536020789           
Public Joint-Stock Social Commercial Bank of Primorye "Primsotsbank"  2539013067           
"Primorsky territorial commercial bank, (Society with limited liability)"  2540015598             
Prio-Vneshtorgbank (public joint stock company)  6227001779             
ProCommerceBank Limited Liability Company  7706009657             
IK PROKSI  7701000971             
PromTransBank (Limited liability company)  0274045684           
"PROMINVESTBANK"  7734052372           
Promsvyazbank Public Joint-Stock Company  7744000912  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Industrial Agricultural Bank Limited  6449011425           
"Profit House" Financial Company  7704002409          Yes  Yes 
Joint stock company "R.O.S.T. Corporate project"  5503039596              Yes 
Public joint-stock company "Rosgosstrakh Bank"  7718105676           
LLC Financial Company RGS Investments  8620015121             
Limited Liability Company "Insurance Company "Rosgosstrakh - Life"  7706548313           
"Depository company "REGION"  7708213619              Yes 
Limited Liability Company REGION Investment  7725639693             
Bank RESO Credit  7750004305             
Commercial Bank "RIAL-CREDIT" (Ltd.)  0714007308             
RIC-Finance  7721618854  Yes         
Russian National Commercial Bank  7701105460    Yes       
Limited Liability Company "ROLF"  5047059383             
"RON Invest"  7718686491  Yes         
Public joint-stock company ROSBANK  7730060164  Yes  Yes      Yes 
The joint-stock Bank "ROSEVROBANK"  7701219266  Yes  Yes    Yes  Yes 
Joint Stock Company "Rost Bank"  1658063033           
State specialized Russian Export-Import Bank (joint-stock company)  7704001959           
Non-banking credit organization "Clearing house of the Samara currency interbank exchange" - joint-stock company  6316049606             
"Russian commodity broker" (joint-stock company)  7704318152            Yes   
Russian Trade Bank Limited Liability Company  7710020212           
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "RUBLEV"  7744001151           
Limited Liability Company Rusagro-Sakhar  7728307368            Yes   
Joint stock company Commercial bank "RUSNARBANK"  7744002211  Yes         
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "RUSSOBANK"  7704099052           
Joint-stock company Bank "Reserve finance and investments"  7729399756           
Development Capital Bank  7709345294           
Joint stock company Raiffeisenbank  7744000302  Yes  Yes      Yes 
The closed joint-stock company "Clearing and Settlment Organization"  5407163110              Yes 
Limited Liability Company bank Round  7712002554           
"REGION Broker Company" LLC  7708207809  Yes        Yes 
Commercial bank "Regional finances" LTD  7744000091             
"Renaissance Broker Limited"  7709258228  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Commercial bank "Renaissance Credit" (Limited liability company)  7744000126           
Renaissance Online Limited  7710591880  Yes         
KB "Renta-Bank" JSC  7744003007             
Commercial bank "Republic Credit Alliance"  7734052439             
RICOM-TRUST Investment company Limited  7701033078  Yes         
"Russian public joint-stock commercial roads Bank"  7718011918          Yes 
Joint-Stock Russian Commercial Bank "Rosbusinessbank" (Public Joint-Stock Company)  7706096522             
Rosneft Oil Company  7706107510             
Joint stock company Russian Agricultural Bank  7725114488  Yes  Yes       
Bank "Russian Financial Corporation" joint-stock company  7744003127           
JSC Russian Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises Support  7703213534           
BANK "ROSSIYSKY CAPITAL" (Public Joint stock company)  7725038124           
"BANK "ROSSIYA"  7831000122  Yes  Yes       
Limited Liability Company of Commercial Bank "RostFinance"  2332006024             
Joint-stock company "Royal Credit Bank"  2703006553             
Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank Russky Yuzhny Bank  3444064812             
Rusagro Group of Companies, Limited Liability Company  7728278043           
joint-stock company "Russian International Bank"  7750004111           
Limited bank "Russky Natzionalny Bank"  6121003938             
Joint Stock Company "Russian Standard Bank"  7707056547  Yes         
Commercial bank "Russian mortgage bank" (limited liability company)  5433107271           
Limited Liability Company Non Bank Credit Organization "Russian Financial Society"  7744002860             
Limited Liability Company Rusfinance Bank  5012003647             
Russian Universal Bank  7718120593             
Publik Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank "SUMMIT BANK"  2503001251             
Commercial Bank "Severo-Vostochny Alliance" (Joint-Stock company)  7707288837           
SDM-Bank Public Joint Stock Company  7733043350  Yes         
Public Joint Stock Company "Saint-Petersburg Industrial Joint Stock Bank"  2465037737    Yes       
"SINKO-BANK", ltd.  7703004072             
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "SLAVIA"  7726000596           
"SOVLINK LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY"  7707121820             
"SOCIUM-BANK" (Limited Liability Company)  7717011200           
Commercial Bank "SOYUZNY" Limited Liability company  7708072196           
Joint stock company "Saint-Petersburg Settlement & Depository Center"  7812001441              Yes 
Joint stock company Financial corporation "STANDART"  7810249119             
SEB Bank JSC  4706006731           
Saint-Petersburg Bank of Investments, Inc.  7835903703             
Commercial Bank "Saratov"  6455000037             
Public Joint-Stock Company Sarovbusinessbank  5254004350           
Joint-Stock Company Sberbank CIB  7710048970    Yes         
Sberbank of Russia  7707083893  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia Joint Stock Company  0000000029             
Interregional Bank for Settlements of the Telecommunications and Postal Services  7710301140  Yes         
"NORTH CREDIT BANK"  2901009852             
Joint-Stock Company Bank "Severny Morskoy Put"  7750005482  Yes         
Severny Narodny Bank  1101300820             
Joint stock commercial bank "Selmashbank"  6166003409             
"Septem Capital" Limited Liability Company  7703809863             
Bank "SERVICE RESERVE" (joint-stock company)  6829000290           
Joint Stock Company "cdbbank"  2308064346             
Siberian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Limited Liability Company)  2125002247             
Commercial Bank "SISTEMA" Limited Liability Company  7705003797             
"Sistema Capital", Limited Liability Company  7709324907           
Joint-stock bank "City Invest Bank"  7831001422             
Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Citibank  7710401987  Yes        Yes 
Joint Stock Company "Citigroup Global Markets"  7707098466    Yes         
Commercial Bank "Slavyanski Credit Ltd."  7709024276           
Joint Stock Company Bank of Conversion "Snezhinskiy"  7423004062           
Joint Stock Bank "Sobinbank"  7722076611           
Joint-stock company Bank "Sovetsky"  3525024737             
Public Joint-Stock Company "Sovcombank"  4401116480    Yes       
Joint Stock Company Commercial bank "Sokolovsky"  7744001070             
Joint Stock Company "Solid Bank"  4101011782           
"Solid" Investment Financial Joint-Stock Company  5008009854  Yes        Yes 
Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank "Solidarnost"  6316028910           
Bank of trade-unions solidarity and social investment "Solidarnost"  7736188731          Yes 
Joint-stock company "Bank SOYUZ"  7714056040  Yes        Yes 
"Investment Company "Sparta-finans" Limited Liability Company  7705941698  Yes         
Spectr Invest, Limited Liability Company  7728293732             
"SBERBANK Fund Administration" Limited Liability Company  7736618039              Yes 
  7704212090              Yes 
Joint stock company "Middle Ural brokerage"  6660040152        Yes   
Public joint stock company Investment-commercial industrial-construction bank "Stavropolye"  2634028786           
"Standart" Brokerage Company", LLC  7708598817             
Investment company "Standard", Ltd  7805060005           
Commercial Bank Star Alliance, Limited  7744003060             
"Capital Financial Group" Limited Liability Company  7719566366             
Commercial Bank "Capital Kredit", LTD  7718103767           
JSC Sumitomo Mitsui Rus Bank  7750005450             
Joint Stock Company Surgutneftegasbank  8602190258          Yes 
Public Joint Stock Company "T Plus"  6315376946             
"TAIF-INVEST" INCORPORATED LIMITED  1655028721             
Public Joint-Stock Company "Moscow Joint-Stock Bank "Tempbank"  7705034523           
Joint stock capital bank "TENDER-BANK"  7706028882             
National Bank TRUST  7831001567          Yes 
Closed Joint-Stock Company "TCL International"  7703114822             
Commercial Fuel & Energy Interregional Bank for Reconstruction and Development (joint stock company)  7707283980           
Joint - Stock Company Taatta Bank  1435126628           
Saint-Petersburg Commercial Bank "Tavrichesky" (joint-stock)  7831000108           
Joint stock company Joint Stock bank of the textile and wool industry Texbank  0901001063             
Tinkoff Bank  7710140679           
Joint-Stock company "Togliattikhimbank"  6320007246  Yes        Yes 
Public Joint-Stock Company "Tomsk Joint-Stock Investment-Commercial Industrial-Construction Bank"  7000000130             
Torzhokuniversalbank  6915001057             
TRANSKAPITALBANK  7709129705  Yes  Yes       
Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Transstroibank" (Joint Stock Company)  7730059592           
Investment company "Trend" LLC  7708733569             
"TRINFICO Investment Company"  7724136129             
Joint Stock Company TROIKA-D BANK  7744002959          Yes 
Public Joint Stock Company "The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development"  6608008004  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Alfa-Capital Management Company Limited Liability Company  7728142469             
"UM-Bank" Limited liability company  6615001384           
UNIVER CAPITAL LLC  7704612010  Yes      Yes  Yes 
JOINT STOCK "URALS INDUSTRIAL BANK"  7449014065           
Public joint stock company "BANK URALSIB"  0274062111  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Limited Liability Company "URALSIB Capital - Financial services"  7702526358  Yes         
Joint-Stock Company "Coalmetbank"  4214005204          Yes 
Unison Capital Limited Liability Company  7203097350            Yes 
Public Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank "Ural FD", Bank "Ural FD"  5902300072           
Uraltransbank  6608001305             
"Uralfinance" Commercial bank  6654001613             
Joint stock company Woori Bank  7750004231             
Joint Stock Company Investment Company FINAM  7731038186  Yes      Yes  Yes 
Joint Stock Company FINAM Investment Bank  7709315684           
Joint Stock Company "FINANS-INVEST"  7720033605           
JSC "FUNDSERVICEBANK"  7727051787             
FORUM Investment Company (Limited Liability Company)  7701409490    Yes         
Limited Liability Company Bank "Freedom Finance"  6506000327             
"Investment Group" Favourite" Limited Liability Company  7718807379             
Commercial Bank "Finance Business Bank" (Limited Liability Company)  2329003217             
ZAO IK Finansoviy Dom  5902111438           
Investment Company "FINANCIAL UNION" Ltd.  7708505097           
Joint Stock Company "Bank Finservice"  7750004270    Yes       
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Flora-Moscow"  7744000197           
"Investment Company "Fontvielle" Limited Liability Company  7703807489           
Joint-stock company ForeBank  2202000656             
Fordevint Invest Limited Liability Company  7728876910  Yes        Yes 
"Joint stock Commercial bank "FORSHTADT"  5610032972           
Public Joint Stock Company "PhosAgro"  7736216869           
Investment Company Freedom Finance Limited Liability Company  7705934210           
Home Credit & Finance Bank Limited Liability Company  7735057951  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Commercial bank "Khakas municipal bank" (limited liability company)  1901036580           
commercial bank "Khlynov" (Joint Stock Company)  4346013603           
BANK KHOVANSKIY  7717016448           
Joint Stock Company "Central Depository of the Republic of Tatarstan"  1653001570              Yes 
Investment Company "Zerich Capital Management" Joint Stock Company  7716051506  Yes         
Limited liability company "Central Moscow Depository"  7701123451              Yes 
Limited liability company "Central Rostov Depositary"  6164301424              Yes 
Public Joint-stock company commercial Bank "Center-invest"  6163011391           
Commercial Bank "Central-European Bank" (Limited Liability Company)  7706072000             
Central Bank of the Russian Federation  7702235133           
Funds' central custodian Limited  7816097864              Yes 
Limited Liability Company Surgut Central Depositary  8602104467              Yes 
"Investment Company "Centras-Capital" Limited Liability Company  7724948850             
CentroCredit Bank  7707025725  Yes        Yes 
"Centrum depozitory" LCC  7704613623              Yes 
China Construction Bank (Russia) Limited  7750005789           
Agricultural Bank of China (Moscow) Limited  7750005926             
JOINT-STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK "CHELINDBANK" (public joint-stock company)  7453002182           
CHELYABINVESTBANK  7421000200           
Export-Import Joint Stock Bank  7831000940             
"BANK EXPRESS-VOLGA"  6454027396             
COMMERCIAL BANK "ENERGOTRANSBANK" joint-stock company  3906098008           
CJSC Acla-Invest  7729360484  Yes         
HSBC Bank (RR) (Limited Liability Company)  7707115538           
"Economiks-Bank" LTD  7704075196           
AKZIONERNOE OBSHESTVO "EXPERT BANK"  5502051657             
Expobank Limited Liability Company  7729065633           
Element Limited liability company  7725707706           
Energobank  1653011835           
Bank For Electric Power Industry, Public Limited Company  7831000066             
OOO UBS Bank  7750003982  Yes         
UGM Capital LLC  7701074412    Yes         
Joint-Stock Bank "Yug-Investbank" (Joint Stock Company)  0106000547           
UNISTREAM COMMERCIAL BANK (SC)  7750004009             
Limited liabilities society "South Regional Bank"  6165029500             
"United Capital Partners Advisory" Limited Liability Company  7705772834           
Joint Stock Company UniCredit Bank  7710030411  Yes  Yes      Yes 
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "YAPI KREDI BANK MOSCOW" (Joint-Stock Company)  7702006824             
Commercial Bank "YAR Bank" (limited liability company)  7708013592           
Limited Liability Company "Trade House "Dominant"  6714018269            Yes