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FX Market and Precious Metals Market

Bank National Clearing Centre (Joint-stock company) (hereinafter NCC) is a central counterparty under all trades executed at Moscow Exchange FX Market and Precious Metals Market. NCC performs clearing with partial collateral and clearing with full collateral.

NCC performs clearing acting in FX Market since 10th of December 2007. Procedure for clearing activity in FX Market is determined in accordance with Clearing rules of CJSC JSCB National Clearing Centre for FX Market and Precious metals market.

NCC also acts as the central counterparty and clearing house in Precious Metals Market since 21th of October 2013. Precious metals trading is conducted on the FX Market's trading platform. Trading members enjoy the high-efficiency and reliable Risk management system of FX Market, unified positions with currency instruments, and existing registration codes.

Categories of Clearing Members